Insolvency advice

If a company finds itself in financial hardship and (temporarily) unable to meet its payment obligations, sound advice on how to proceed is essential. Davids Advocaten can provide comprehensive, expert advice on limiting the risks and optimising the possibilities. Effective and decisive action to define pragmatic solutions can often deter insolvency or its adverse effects. We can perform a strategic review of your company and, where appropriate, steer you through the necessary restructuring so that the company is in a position to buffer temporary periods of business slowdown.

Davids Advocaten can assist and advise you on:

  • Rescheduling debts and where appropriate applying for deferment of payment
  • Conducting a strategic review of your organisation and analysing scenarios for ‘distressed financial times’
  • Restructuring to mitigate insolvency damage
  • Preparation and realisation of a rescue plan (incl. refinancing, sale of business units, dismissal of staff)
  • Debt recovery and representing you in disputes with creditors
  • Petitioning for bankruptcy or suspension of payments
  • Representing you in disputes with an appointed administrator or Bankruptcy Trustee
  • Conducting directors’ liability proceedings
  • Conducting proceedings for enforcement of security interests , such as: mortgages and pledges, joint and several liability, suretyship, warranties, right of retention or right of recovery